Ben Alexander cites Bon Iver, Michael Jackson, Röyksopp, and Hans Zimmer as influences. With a musical background that covers classical piano, guitar, and drums, he has embarked on a series of collaborations recently, including The Painter with Norway’s Mörmaid.

The Painter, which he says is a “song about perception and how people often get their reality ‘painted’ in limited ways that in turn limits themselves,” is drenched with beautifully expressed emotion. Mörmaid’s vocals have a quality to them that wouldn’t be amiss on a 60’s torch song yet is a perfect fit for the very modern, electronic arrangement. And what an arrangement – sumptuous, full of warmth, yet possessed of a human scale as it explores a sonic dreamscape that invites favourable comparisons to The Knife and Röyksopp.

You can also listen to The Painter on Spotify and iTunes. You can find more streaming details from the track on Ben Alexander’s Facebook and Instagram socials.