New Music: Benedikt – Dreams and Blood

  • New Music: Benedikt - Dreams and Blood

Raised on Vancouver Island in Canada but now resident in Berlin, Benedikt was originally drawn to dance, joining the National Ballet School of Canada at 15. His career brought him to Europe and a refocussing of his art brought the musical element of his artistic output to the fore. Check out the video for new release Dreams and Blood below.

The track stands alone as a piece of music in its own right – dark, brooding, with an underlying sense of turmoil and dissonance subtly diffused and deflected by the mournful, hypnotic vocals and a soothing ambient drone. Unfolding like an ancient paean, Dreams and Blood comes across as a love song dedicated to gods unknown, with the listener as a witness.

With visuals and choreography that reinforce the song’s sense of a slow, slumbering unravelling of the senses; it’s as much an art piece as it is a finely crafted and touching song.

Dreams and Blood is the first single from Benedikt’s sophomore EP Facia and is out now. You can find out more about how to stream and download the track here.

Photo by Alana Lake

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