New Music: Benedikt – Havana Nights

  • New Music: Benedikt - Havana Nights

Benedikt is a Canadian born, Berlin based solo-artist who seems to have taken some of the more hedonistic influences of his current home town to heart on Havana Nights. Check out the video below.

Imagine Rufus Wainwright letting his more esoteric and electronic leanings take full flight in to electronic ecstasy and you’re close hitting the mark in encapsulating the louche, sensual abandon of Havana Nights.

With lyrics about the ebb and flow of feelings, where passion, love and loves swirl in the heart and mind, taking you to places emotions rarely go, it captures a moment in time with sublime eroticism.

He says of the song: “Havana Nights explores joy, illusion, belief and the pursuit of being serenaded by another. There is a playful quality to the song. It moves between a sense of melancholy and elation. I never like to dictate what someone should feel from a work. But if a listener would have a moment of joy – or be swept up in emotion while listening to this song there would be no greater gift.

Havana Nights is out now, you can get more information about the track on his Facebook page and Instagram. The track and more of his music can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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