New Zealand’s BENEE twists the notions of what a pop song should be, citing influences as diverse as James Blake, indie pop, RNB and Arabic music scales as contributing to her musical vision. The sublime Want Me Back combines those strands to a lush and staggeringly opulent effect.

Her ethereal take on an RNB vocal delivery straight from the opening bars sets her stall out as ploughing a singular musical furrow on Want Me Back. Shades of trip-hop in the percussion add to the drama of the track without pitching into cliché, and a shimmering, sensual arrangement slowly gives way to something more edgy and urban. Even as the track transforms in to a darker beast, it always keeps BENEE’s vocals very much at the centre of things.

Want Me Back is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify. Information on other streaming and downloading options can the found on the BENEE’s Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram account.