Now based in Vancouver, singer-songwriter and instrumentalist BENJII – aka Benji Klassen – may have grown up surrounded by mountains and forests, but has a very slick urban sound on new single I Won’t Die For You.

The title brought to mind its opposite number by Prince, but this is a very different beast of a track. There’s some RNB nuances in the mix for sure, some rock ones as well, but Klassen does something very different with them. Think AFI and The Black Queen and you get a hint of the subtle textures and tones on display here, with a focus on emotion, not sensuality . The lyrics reflect on some of the dark thoughts people can have at dark times but they retain an air of quiet, positive resolve throughout, making I Won’t Die For You a very thought-provoking but engaging song .

I Won’t Die For You is out now and you can click here for more information on how to stream and download the track. To find out more about BENJII and his music, head over to his social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.