Gothenburg’s Beverly Kills made a real impression with their three singles from last year – check them out on Spotify – and 2019 is continuing in the same way with the dark and delirious In This Dim Light.

Emotionally charged from the get-go, the vocals are as deceiving as the arrangement, for the first thirty seconds anyway. Lulling the listener into a false sense of security, the reassuring tones soon give way to a sonic and emotional maelstrom.

Psych rock, dark wave, shoegaze all swirl into view, each in turn pummelling the senses before disappearing and reappearing like a gale force wind. As catchy as it is nihilistic, you can imagine goths and indie kids rocking out to this in equal measure and loving every dark moment of the track.

In This Dim Light is out now via Australia’s Hell Beach Records, if you want to keep up with Beverley Kills’ upcoming gigs, new music and more, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.