New Music: Boris Carloff – Haunted

Boris Carloff is a singer, producer, composer, engineer and musician who is well known in his Czech homeland, having won two Czech Music Awards and the Czech version of the Mercury Prize. With a hard to define sound, his music brings an ethereal edge to ambient and other influences, as you can hear on Haunted.

Haunted manages that rare trick of mixing in dance and ambient sounds, elements of downtempo and drum and bass are taken slightly leftfield, with the heartfelt and at times Anohni-like vocals creating an emotional and musical bridge between the various strains of the song’s diverse sonic palate. It’s a song aimed at the heart and it certainly hits the target!

The track is out now, you can stream the track on iTunes and Spotify and is featured on Carloff’s must recent album, The Solopsist – for more details you can check out his website, which also has an English language section.

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