New Music: boy bye – Everybody Lies

  • New Music: boy bye - Everybody Lies

boy bye is an alternative pop duo currently based in East London, formed by Crimson Helles and Sophie Steinchen; boy bye were founded in late 2015. Their latest single, Everbody Lies is accompanied by this gritty DIY video and we highly recommend it.

boy bye is made up of artists with very different backgrounds, Crimson was trained as a classical pianist, playing in bands and producing, mainly grime music – he lists his influences are R’n’B, Vogue and Grime.

Sophie comes from a folk background and is now producing trip-hop, ambient and lo-fi for her own project. She moved to London when she was 17 and started interning in fashion, and provided the background soundscape / music for a shop at London Fashion Week. After that she decided to focus on music and started studying songwriting in North London, like Crimson.

The track features  big open reverbs, electronic string quartets and trippy vocal effects. With its heavy atmospheric sound, I really it really resonates the need for being alone whilst still fearing missing out, in a world that’s supposed to be more connected than ever.

It’s available now on Spotify and iTunes.

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