New Music: BRENforPREZ – Ohhh

  • New Music: BRENforPREZ - Ohhh

I can’t really tell you a lot about maskwearing BRENforPREZ and when I emailed him neither could he; for now at least. He did say this though: ‘Bren is very introverted. He has many interests and many passions. His mother taught him how to sing and write music. Bren is very familiar with pain and uses song as a means to express and inspire’.

If new track Ohhh is anything to go by, his music is going to be getting a lot of attention soon enough. What immediately struck me about the track was how dreamlike it felt, as if random tones and textures had found musical form and hovered uncertainly in the air, waiting for something but not knowing quite what.

The track drifts along, as lost and uneasy as a storm cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky. You’ll like Ohhh but you won’t quite know why.

The track is out now, featuring on his EP which is currently streaming on Soundcloud. The rather amazing video for Ohhh was directed by VRX, produced by StewRat. Be sure to check out the BRENforPREZ Facebook page for news and more.

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