New Music: Brynäs – Timmermansgatan

  • New Music: Brynäs - Timmermansgatan

Brynäs are two Berlin-based, Swedish brothers who are also well known for their work in their respective bands Alberta Cross and The Ghost of Helags. Their joint musical project sees them pay tribute to their late grandmother on Timmermansgatan.

The band tag their sound as ‘Bristol meets Berlin’ and it’s quite apt; you can hear rudiments of the smooth cinematic sound associated with the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead but infused within that is the metronomic intensity that comes with living in a big city like Berlin – something that can seep in to your very DNA.

The two influences should not form a unified and coherent whole, yet on Timmermansgatan they do, capturing the conflict we all have when we’ve lost someone, where the need to be emotional and the need to function have to coexist.

Timmermansgatan is out now via Kobalt Music and Misty Music, whilst the track can be streamed on Spotify.

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