New Music: Camp Candle – Save Me

  • New Music: Camp Candle - Save Me

Philadelphia-based duo Camp Candle (Mark “Nu Ra” Cave and Briana “Hetepsa” Mills) have created a delicious and unique sound for themselves over the last few years with their distinctive take on an RNB infused indie/dreampop sound. It’s not surprise then that new single Save Me continues in that fine tradition.

Mills’ staggeringly soulful voice is a great anchor for the track, which edges more towards to the indie end of the duo’s musical spectrum.

There’s still that hint of RNB in the arrangement, but the more dreampop and occasional darkwave nuances are more to the fore this time round, resulting in a chilled, ethereal sound that gets right under your skin and gives your bones a big hug. Save Me still has that air of laidback sophistication though, one that puts me in mind of St. Etienne at their peak.

You can stream Save Me on Spotify and the duo have also been chosen to have their music featured in the Beating The Odds documentary. They also have live performances lined up in their home town over the coming weeks, you can find out more here.

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