Manchester based Caoilfhionn Rose is a singer, songwriter and producer. She’s worked with Vini Reilly of Durutti Column in the past, and in fact you might hear his music echoed here. As you can see in the video for Being Human, she has her own individual and intriguing sound.

The gentle guitar sounds do invite comparison with some of Reilly’s best work, but there’s a lot more going on here sonically. Mainly, you can pick up on a range – tonally and emotionally – that would appeal to fans of Lana Del Rey.

However, in terms of lyrics, arrangement and the grounded intimate nature of the song, Rose inhabits a very different universe on Being Human. Where Del Rey is cinema noir, Rose is more romantic, yet more realistic. As yielding and yearning as the song may be, it still inhabits the world we live in, not an imagined Cinemascope wonderland and is all the better for that.

Being Human features on Awaken, which is on now via Gondwana Records. For more details on Caoilfhionn Rose, as well as news on upcoming live dates, check her out on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.