Be Wild is the third single from Caroline Duke’s album Wild at Heart which was self-released on 1st February. Check out her unique blend of baroque pop below.

There’s a lush sense of melancholy and drama to Be Wild, cinematic in scope but intimate in nature, combining the broad sweep of the arrangement with the more personal, relatable vocals and lyrics. Duke has a voice that sounds like she has lived the words she sings, bringing a palpable air of realism and truth to what is essentially a love story gone wrong that she has created herself.

With some musical nods to The Cranberries, early Blondie and Avril Lavigne; the guitars, epic production and evocative strings all add to the underlying air of happysad lives lived to the fullest, plunging headlong into adventures and new highs, knowing that around the corner may lie something else, something darker, but something worth the pain all the same.

Duke has this to say about the thematic inspiration for the track: ‘Be Wild is a song about a romantic relationship that is quite destructive. I wrote it keeping in mind two Bonnie and Clyde type of characters. The love is so intense that they stay together although they are only causing each other pain. It’s also about the longing for freedom and living outside of society’s rules.’

Wild at Heart is out and available to stream or download on all major services including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Deezer and Google Play. You can catch up with Caroline Duke on Facebook and Twitter!