Cat Ryan isn’t a person, but a trio: Simon Tarbox, Lucas Rothwell and Mary-Anne Murphy to be precise. Based in Newcastle, the band bend the rules of pop and rock, as you can hear on Blessed Through The TV.

There’s a real art-rock sensibility to the track, as the vocal melody and complex arrangement don’t follow the standard approach of rock or pop, outside the warm tones of the bass line. I pick up hints of Empire of the Sun and Austra, as like those bands, Blessed Through The TV uses catchy but slightly off-kilter hooks. But along with that, an understated but memorable chorus underpins a song that confounds your expectations, even as it warms the soul.

“The track deals with the theme of half-heartedness; the limbo between abandonment and commitment,” explains Mary-Anne, singer/lyricist and multi-instrumentalist. “Lyrically, the song is packed with metaphors exploring this whilst referring to the original inspiration: being sent an angel figurine (the one that features on the single artwork) from my aunt. The Pope had done a mass blessing through the television, telling people to hold items up to the TV to be blessed. It didn’t quite make sense to me; it was almost a half-hearted blessing, and this sparked the ideas behind the song.”

Blessed Through The TV is out now and is also available to stream on Spotify and all other major platforms. Be sure to check the band out over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram; maybe throw them a follow or two, so you can keep up with Cat Ryan and their music.