Montreal based trio Caveboy (all female despite the name) display a subtle yet anthemic take on indie-imbued dreampop with their new single Landslide. Check out the D.W. Waterson directed video for the track below.

The song channels some of that early 80s pop rock energy, reminding me at times of the edgy alt sounds of Til Tuesday. The vocals and lyrics are alive with whispers of love and seduction, making the listener privy to what feels like some intimate thoughts and moments.

The gloss to the production lends the track a real sense of warmth whilst instilling the synths and percussion especially with a very organic tone. Hooks are gentle but effective, the melody quietly  reels you in, showing it’s a song by people really know what love is.

Landslide is now streaming on Spotify and elsewhere, with details of upcoming releases and live dates on their socials including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.