New Music: Cavviar – Cassette

We’re a bit late for Halloween with this one, but good music and scary videos are good all year round and with Cassette, Cavviar (the duo made up of producer Davy Nathan and rapper Wax) certainly provide both.  Check out the ever-so-slightly NSFW video for the track below, which will have you reliving some (mainly) fun memories.

The track is full of nods to the musical past, both lyrically and musically – but I’ll let you spot them for yourself – that’s part of the fun of this song, and it brings a real smile to your face as you recognise snippets here and there.

That’s not to say the track lives in the past at all – it has enough of a modern feel to it, with nuances of acts like Air and Pharrell bubbling under the surface to make sure the track is grounded in the here and now.

The band say the video is an answer to the question, “What would happen if Madonna shot a music video inside of Dexter’s torture garage?”, which makes the track and visuals a glorious collision of 80s and contemporary references, all tied up in a fourth wall breaking video.

Cassette features on their current 5 track EP The Broken Heart, which is out now via iTunes as well and is also streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify.  

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