With their new Good Talk EP streaming on Bandcamp, Oregon slacker pop band CHAD won’t fail to delight lovers of left-field shoegaze with Take Me Back, which features on the release.

The band takes some very disparate styles here and turns them into something very personal. Some of my favourite bands can certainly be heard in the mix: Saint Etienne and Dubstar, to name but two. That smooth yet left-field pop sensibility is complemented by Sarah Lane’s vocal delivery. 60s pop and 90s British indie come to mind when listening to Take Me Back.; not because it is laden with retro moments, more that it has the same undefinable essence that makes a song both glossy pop and something more substantial.

Take Me Back and the Good Time EP can be streamed on Soundcloud and Spotify. Be sure to check CHAD out over on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news about the band and their music.