NIN meets RNB in a dark and devilishly wicked display of genre fusion on Mercy Kneel – the latest track by Californian duo Chelsey and the Noise.

A tight bassline fights for supremacy with some raw industrial synths and loops, disorienting the listener in a wildly original way.

As the vocals switch from little girl lost to guttural growl, and the track explores ever more sonically challenging avenues. It can feel like the senses are under a sonic attack but it’s an assault you’ll not want to stop, such is the thrill that burrows its way under your skin.

That’s a good thing though: by not respecting musical boundaries, Chelsey Hice and Brent Watters have managed to create a joyously unholy racket on this whirling dervish of a song.

Mercy Kneel is also available to stream on Spotify and to download on Bandcamp. For more information on the song and the band, keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.