New Music: CHERRIE LAUREL – A Little Noise

  • New Music: CHERRIE LAUREL - A Little Noise

Previously known for her work with electronic duo Mu, Vancouver based CHERRIE LAUREL (Brittany Rand) has launched her solo career with the album  A Furnace, A Fire which features the slinky electronica of A Little Noise.

With an ambience that reminds me at times of the much missed (by me) Tristesse de la Lune mixed in with the new-retro electronica sound that Canada does so well, the song blends a wonderful melange of sensuality, danger and dreamy dancefloor nous that gives it a knowing, world weary but ultimately engaging air.

Sharp as a shard of ice, as warm as the midnight sun, A Little Noise manages to be as catchy as it is occasionally unsettling. It gets the feet moving and the brain thinking, the guitar drifting like a sprite over an atmospheric musical landscape.

 A Furnace, A Fire can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Photo by Lauren J Ray

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