New Music: Chester Lockhart – In Loving Memory

  • New Music: Chester Lockhart - In Loving Memory

Chester Lockhart describes himself as a ‘gay goth pop artist’ and directs, produces, writes, choreographs and styles all his own content. With a musical and visual aesthetic that combines a wry sense of melodrama and an unerring ear for a good hook, his new track In Loving Memory is quite the (trick or) treat.

The video shows Lockhart rising from the dead to take revenge and eventually cremate his wrongful lover. All this happens through a series of montages and dance routines that seem inspired by Bob Fosse.

The song feels more like a 60s girl group tragedy ballad but brought bang up to date; with trap influences, downtempo beats, and occasional funereal tones all combining with a ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ vocal delivery that delivers high camp and high drama in equal measure.  Never has revenge sounded so good!

In Loving Memory is out now, streaming on Spotify. Be sure to check out his Facebook page to find out more about this original, promising independent artist.

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