After living in London, where she studied vocal performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Swiss artist Chiara Dubey returned home to work on her debut album project Constellations. New track The Hunt will feature on the LP; just scroll down to watch the official video for the song.

With flourishes of Gothic rock and classical music being very much to the fore in the intro, the scene is set for a song bound to be drenched in drama and emotion. That’s very much the case, as Dubey’s vocals – reminiscent of Simone Simons and Aurora – add an air of primal mystery to the song as the electronic elements of the arrangement become more pronounced. Moody and melodic, it’s a confident and compelling sound, even as the lyrics explore the vagaries of doubt and longing.

Dubey spoke about the themes behind the lyrics of The Hunt: “It’s about our human need to constantly ‘hunt’ and aim for something. A dream, an ambition. We just can’t seem to reach satisfaction and we never reach a point of stillness.”

The Hunt is out now and can be streamed on Spotify and other outlets. Be sure to check out Chiara Dubey on her Facebook and Instagram socials for news about the song, as well as details about Constellations.