New Music: Clicks – We’ll Be Fine

  • New Music: Clicks - We'll Be Fine

We’ll Be Fine is the new single from New Zealand based duo Clicks – house producer Dick Johnson (Magik J) and vocalist Anna Coddington.

Originally from the UK, Johnson started out as a resident DJ at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda nightclub before producing and releasing music in his own right.  Teaming up with Coddington – whose own sound has a more dream-folk feel – the two have created a track that fuses the hazy hedonism of Madchester with quiet melodies and chilled beats.

Kicking in with vocals, a mellow bass line and soft but insistent rhythms, the song sets the listener up for a real musical journey, the slightly retro, garage bass and addictive loops providing a quietly insistent bedrock for Johnson and Coddington to swap vocals duties and duet sweet nothings.

It’s a sound that may have been more at home at Paradise Factory than the Hacienda, but that Manchester style is there, that’s for sure.

We’ll Be Fine is out new via New Zealand label Loop  and you can get streaming and download details by following this link, which also includes the cool animated video for the track.

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