New Music: Cobra Man – Toxic Planet

  • New Music: Cobra Man - Toxic Planet

Andy Harry formed electro-punk duo Cobra Man with his friend Sarah Rayne on the back of being asked to write a score for a skateboard video, which may in part explain their wild electro punk sound. Have a listen to their new single, the firey Toxic Planet.

Queen and Perturbator meet head-on in an 80s pool hall, as Toxic Planet bristles with attitude, hustling your ears as it pulls up the collar of its leather jacket and dares you not to fall for powerchords and pomp.

Edgy vocals and a high energy pose to the arrangement convey swagger and savoir faire, making the song is the perfect soundtrack for those ‘fuck you’ moments, where no one and nothing can dent your confidence.

Toxic Planet is released via Goner Records and comes from the album of the same name which is out now  – in vinyl, cassette and CD formats –  on Bandcamp. The track can also be streamed on Spotify and is available on all major digital music outlets.

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