Brian Hazard’s Color Theory is no stranger to the blog. He consistently produces high quality synthpop in a classic style but with a fresh and modern sound. You can hear that on his new single, Avian.

The lyrics reflect on the superstitions that grew up in Europe around magpies in the Middle Ages, but puts them in a very modern, relatable setting as it talks about conflict and loss. The starkness around the words is perfectly mirrored in the occasionally maudlin tones of the arrangement. Musically, it invites comparisons with early Depeche Mode in the way it marries such heavy-hitting lyrical concepts with immediate hooks and a winning melody; but as ever, Hazard’s sound is his and his alone.

Avian by Color Theory is out now, and can  be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp, as well as other digital streaming services. Head over to Hazard’s Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook accounts to find out more. Brian Hazard and Color Theory are very active on Patreon, so pay a visit over there for exclusive news and music.

Photo by Kremer Johnson Photogrpahy.