Sniper from Color Theory has an unusual lyrical theme, being based on the superstition that If three soldiers light their cigarettes from the same match, the third one will get shot. It’s far from morbid, as the first listen will attest.

The song is actually a high tempo affair, with the BPM hitting 160 at times, but it doesn’t feel fast and frenetic. In fact, it’s very much the opposite, which may be down the way the lyrics excel at capturing a specific moment in time, something as seemingly innocuous soldiers lighting a cigarette. Frozen in time but with details always emerging, it’s a moving and melancholic slice of 8-bit-infused synthpop, enjoyable in the way it opens up so many possibilities and permutations from a single image and melody.

Sniper is out now on Spotify as well as other digital streaming services, you can hear exclusive music from Brian Hazard and Color Theory by subscribing to him on Patreon. Be sure to check him out on Instagram,  Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: Kremer Johnson.