Brian Hazard’s Color Theory is a regular and welcome visitor to the blog, and this time round its making two visits in as many days. First up is This Whole Nothing, from his current single.

Working in his usual signature style, This Whole Nothing sees Hazard conjure up a synthpop ballad that wouldn’t go amiss on an 80s film soundtrack. It has that wonderful duality of the intimate and expansive you find in the best big-screen pop, creating feelings and images from the catchy melody and strong imagery of the lyrics. With his vocals adding even more meaning and melancholy to the lyrics, it’s sure to soften the hardest of hearts.

Hazard revealed this about the inspiration behind the song: “This Whole Nothing is one of those songs that people will read into as they will. The lyrics are just vague enough to be universal. My inspiration was the spacious emptiness one experiences when the voice of the mind quiets and the world can be seen as it truly is.”

This Whole Nothing is out now;  check out Hazard’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for details on how to listen to the song, as well as news about upcoming releases and more. Oh, and be sure to check out the Color Theory Patreon page for exclusive tracks and treats.