Canadian singer-songwriter Constance came to prominence as part of electro-pop outfit NÉONHÈART. Since 2019 she’s been striking out on her own with the intimate and heartfelt Work Hard which marks her sophomore release as a solo artist.

The maturity of the lyrics is reflected in the confident, brisk nature of the downtempo-meets-trip-hop arrangement. Constance’s vocals have a lyrical, flowing quality that can change tone in an instant: one second open and vulnerable, the next upfront yet engaging with its snappy and no-nonsense chorus. An exploration of heartbreak, the song doesn’t wallow in sentimentality but instead chooses to see a route through the potential pain of relationships and their aftermath.

Work Hard is out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Spotify. Be sure to check out Constance on her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials for news about the song, upcoming releases and more.