New Music: Cosmo V – Forever

  • New Music: Cosmo V - Forever

Moluccan-Dutch artist Cosmo V has released a new single called Forever – it’s a slow, brooding number with sombre electronic sounds melting in to the chiming guitar licks that wouldn’t be amiss on a Tarantino soundtrack or a Cocteau Twins album. It’s half-spoken, half-sung intro gives the song a cinematic feel and when combined with the video creates an entrancing but unsettling piece of work.

She says of the song: “Forever takes me back to the desire to feel connected with the world. As a young girl growing up in a rough environment, I only found connection with life through movies, books, nature and music. Even now I only can feel a strong connection with our existence in those worlds.

Finding calmness in chaos. A life in solitude, to withdraw and disappear. Like a quest to find something pure. To feel free and enlightened”.

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