New Music: Creux Lies – Portals

  • New Music: Creux Lies - Portals

Sacramento, California is the home of dark rockers and recent singing to Cleopatra Records Creux Lies, made up of singer Ean Clevenger, guitarist Barry Crider, David Wright on synth/electronics, drummer Topher Snyder, and bassist Kyle Vorst.

Their new release Portals distils the essence of some of the classic alternative genres of the last few decades into a sound that is intimate and innovative – check out the video for the track below.

Portals takes some of its musical foundations from the 80s darkwave and proto-Gothic sound. You can hear hints of post punk and the New Romantic bubbling away under the surface, as Clevenger channels the fragile charm of Robert Smith and the crowd rousing intensity of Bono.

There’s a brooding intensity to the song, one that’s lightened by the driving nature of arrangement and the soft synths that hint at something subtler and lighter within the sombre moments of the lyrics.

Portals features on the band’s The Hearth album which you can pick up direct from their label. It can be streamed on Spotify and Deezer, and t’s also available on iTunes. Check out the band’s social media (including Facebook and Instagram) for more information as well as news on gigs and other releases.

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