The Sounds are one of the most high-profile, original and successful bands from Sweden and a cracking live band to boot. I saw them three times! Maja Ivarsson and Felix Rodriguez from that iconic band are now making music together as Crew of Me&You and whilst there’s hints of the Sounds in the mix, this is a very different, but very enjoyable beast.

Come Out And Play is pure electro rebellion. What’s it rebelling against? Well to paraphrase James Dean, ‘What have you got?’. The spikey electroclash meets indie rock comes across like a fun but furious call to arms.

Part love song, part polemic but all class, lyrically it challenges preconceptions and prejudices as it gallops through its superb shopping list of freedoms and fierce beliefs.

The chorus screams defiance and desires, Ivarsson taking the lead on most of the vocals, but the vocal interplay between her and Rodriguez towards the end of the song is playful, pleasurable but most of all, joyous in its sensual frankness.

Come Out And Play is out now via Roxy Recordings – check out their Facebook and Twitter socials to find out more.