New Music: DAMIEN – Upgrade

  • New Music: DAMIEN - Upgrade

A musical and intellectual voyage, Upgrade is the new single from French electronic musician and producer DAMIEN (aka Damien Lecointe). Released as a taster for his upcoming album, there’s also has a bold and beautiful video to accompany the track. You may recognise the star of the video as well!

Though musically very much its own musical beast, Upgrade feels like a perfect blend of French flair and German efficiency. Broad motorik beats underpin the track, giving it a driving, looping feel but layered over that are chiming synths, futuristic sound effects and hypnotic spoken word sections.

Soothing yet occasionally unsettling, it comes across as a musical and lyrical accompaniment to the approaching era where man and computer become one – an ode to transhumanism if you will.

Upgrade is out now, and you can find details on how to stream and download the track here. It’ll also feature on DAMIEN’s upcoming, third album Satan & Eve.

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