New Music: Danielle Dahl – Liquid Body

  • New Music: Danielle Dahl - Liquid Body

Originally from Norway but now based in Copenhagen, Danielle Dahl has been an active figure on the Danish underground music scene for the last few years. Exploring genres from noise to classical music, she has recently released her debut album which say says is ‘contemporary composers take on conceptual pop music’. A highlight of the album is the stunning Liquid Body.

Liquid Body seems to predate even classical sounds, having an ancient and unchanging ambiance to it. Stark vocals and waves of noise and oceanic samples combine to reinforce the impression the listener is in communion with some ancient religious rite where body, space and time untie to become one.

Liquid Body features on the Loosening Orions Belt album which is out now via Dahl’s own abstract tits label and can be streamed on Spotify.

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