David Kitt was making genre-bending, folkish music well before it was fashionable and could be credited with the genre’s recent popularity. He’s teamed up with fellow Irish artists, the singer/songwriter Kean Kavanagh and the hotly tipped future-afro soul vocalist Fehdah on the sublime Follow The Sound.

Don’t let the wild and raucous video distract you from the sophisticated fusion of diverse sounds the trio have cooked up here. The vocal performances take Irish and African rhythms and emphasise how similar they can be, creating moments where the voices are instruments in their own rights.

Ostensibly a dance track, it evokes trance like qualities. But that again comes more from the vocal patterns and textures, rather than going for a valedictory arpeggio. Mainly though, it’s a beautiful piece of music, and a welcome introduction to a non-Irish audience for Fedah and Kakanagh.

For more information on streaming and downloading the track, click here. There’s no news of a follow-up or live performances of the track but an eye on the artist’s social media profiles to explore their diverse, but very Irish takes on  music.