New Music: Dead Little Penny – U 4 Me

  • New Music: Dead Little Penny - U 4 Me

Some songs can take time to come to fruition, maybe due to the nature of emotions and circumstances that led to its creation. U 4 Me by Dead Little Penny (aka Hayley Smith and Simon Buxton) is one of those songs.

A track written in a tough time, it’s a very reflective and occasionally bleak, the lyrics taking an honest look at the turmoil of emotions caused by a love lost, looking back at the past whilst needing to face the future.

The ethereal vocals add to the droning, electronic melange of gothic nuances with a shoegaze stance, the blurry guitar adding to the sense of not being quite in control even though your thoughts seem quite clear.

Smith had this to say about the creative motivations for the song: “I wrote this song probably in what I would say the most challenging and low points of my life. In my 20’s, facing a divorce and a complete life change, I sat perched on the end of the spare bed at my mum’s house, and really got down to business and pulled out all my uncomfortable feelings. Basically, I felt like a total failure at life and love and I really needed to dig deep to look at that from a song writing perspective. I’ve waited a few years to bring this out, and it just feels like the right time now” 

U 4 Me and previous release Honeycomb can be streamed on Spotify and will feature on the duo’s upcoming debut album, Urge Surfing which is due for release later this year.

Keep up to speed with release dates and more on the band’s Facebook page.

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