Los Angeles duo DeadXLife is a partnership between multi-instrumentalist and producer Thomas Thorson (Dreamings) and vocalist Andrea Wasse (Digital Daggers). They’re neighbours with a mutual love of Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, NIN, and Fever Ray, as you can hear on Lawless Land.

Though written in 2019, they say, and with lyrics inspired by their shared experience of living in downtown Los Angeles, the song feels amazingly prescient. Full of anticipation and emotion, the vocals’ mystical air has a suitable foil in the tight, rolling arrangement. Electronica and shoegaze meet in the neon night, pulsating and hinting at both the isolation and breathless, seductive danger of urban living.

You can catch up with DeadXLife over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can also discover more listening options for Lawless Land and keep up with news about the debut LP.