Pittsburgh’s Death Instinct cite the likes of Killing Joke, Slowdive and Swans as influences. Diverse as those bands are musically, the wilful challenge to the mainstream they embody is very present on Secret Gardens.

The opening salvo channels the taut suspense of Bauhaus and the droll languor of Lebanon Hanover, as the vocals adopt an air of icy distance. The bassline balances that with its solid but ominous presence lending the track a noirish tone. With the sparse percussion and the guitar melody working together to give Secret Gardens a mystic aura, the track is a dark but delicious confection.

The band had this to say about the themes and concepts behind the track and upcoming EP: ‘The four tracks were written in a stream of consciousness style depicting themes of personal loss and alienation in the postmodern age but contain threads of hope, optimism, and resolve underneath.’

Secret Gardens is streaming on Bandcamp now with The Offerings digital and cassette EP due for release on 5th August via Play Alone Records.  For information on that and other news on the band, including the upcoming EP launch which features Ritual Howls, check out the trio’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.