New Music: Deepsea Lights – Singing the Bones

Singing The Bones is the title given to the two song cycle and video piece by Australian duo Deepsea Lights. Comprising of the tracks The Mountain Song and Abandon Ship, the songs intertwine with themselves and the video as the initial muted tones of both the music and visuals transform to create a sense of awe and wonder.

Opening in a style that is reminiscent of drone and early electronic music in sound and inspiration, the tracks draw from diverse genres – folk, rap, trip hop and ambient beats using subtle changes and inflections to bolster the story of the lyrics and the accompanying imagery in the Bianca Matthews directed video.

The duo says the idea behind the film was to ‘portray the story of a woman who is discovering what it is to be a Wild Woman (The Mountain Song) and then a man who is faced with the multifaceted nature of this now fully embodied woman, and deciding if he too is ready to embrace this in his life (Abandon Ship)’.

The tracks are currently only available as part of the video piece but be sure to check out the duo’s website or Bandcamp and Spotify for release and streaming news.

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