Former Kerosene band mates Paul Taylor and David Hancox began collaborating under the name Def Robot in 2019. The project brings together their shared love of punk-rock-Americana, all mixed in with gritty Northern punk and a love of film noir. Read on to find out more about the band.

In just six months the duo wrote, recorded, and produced six quality albums, each new one as unique and inventive as the last. The band’s 9th album, Seeds Of Dischord, which pays homage to the legendary Dischord record label, was released on  the 4th of May, with the first single being Claim Your Stake.

What made you want to get into music?
Creating something out of nothing. Making something that other people appreciate. Hearing what great art could be made out of music, by people like David Bowie, The Beatles, Pixies, Pink Floyd.

What inspires you to write?
A feeling, a mood. A spark of an idea that has to come out!

Who has had the most influence on your music?
Pixies, Talking Heads, Fugazi, Pink Floyd, Beck, The Fall, Beastie Boys, Bowie, The Beatles…the list is endless!

What has been the nicest thing ever written about you?
Louder Than War have done lots of great pieces on us. Wayne Carey has been a big supporter of the band. Another writer for LTW, Ged Babey, wrote this in the album review for You Will Not Be Discovered: “There is THIS BAND right, who are FUCKIN’ AMAZING.  They are new but sound like all the best bits of Therapy? The Manics, Pixies, Nirvana and loadsa others all-rolled-into-one …but somehow, still, have an IDENTITY OF THEIR OWN.   They’ve released, and you won’t believe this right, SEVEN ALBUMS in SEVEN MONTHS – as much as some bands do in their ENTIRE FUCKIN’ LIFESPAN!  And it’s ALL-GOOD.  They have MONSTER CATCHY TUNES and do INTENSE WEIRD STUFF as well… you GOTTA HEAR THEM!”

How are the band carrying on during lock down?
We already had working in isolation in place, as Paul lives in Kendal, David lives in Berlin and other contributors are based in Manchester, Berlin and around the U.K. Everyone can send recordings over t’internet, for either Paul or David to mix it all.

Give us a few hints on what’s in store next for the band…?
Our 10th album is a bit of a concept thingy. One big piece but divided into parts encapsulating many different music genres. It’s a bit of an opus!

Talk us through the idea behind the new track / video.
Claim Your Stake was based around being tempted by a demonic creature whispering in your ear. Encouraging you to try something different. Sell your soul for pieces of gold.

Starwars or Star Trek / Super Man or Super Ted. Plus, a reason.

Star Wars. It’s a self-contained universe of many wonders and ideas. It gives you dreams of what’s possible, a common enemy to overcome and some of the greatest characters ever in cinematic history.

What would be on your band rider?
Veggie food. A proper buffet selection of it. Jack Daniels, bottles of wine of any kind, cider and lager.

When will you feel like you achieved success as a band?
When we’re number one! In everyone’s hearts!

You can catch up with Def Robot on Facebook and Twitter, while you can stream the band’s current album and back catalogue over on Bandcamp and Spotify.