New Music: Delorentos – In Darkness We Feel Our Way

Dublin alternative quartet Delorentos are one of Ireland’s hidden gems, with the band’s loyal following – which spans from Moscow to Mexico City – seeing them through to what will be their fifth album. In Darkness We Feel Our Way is the first single to be released and the band have also dropped a rather special video to accompany the track.

The band sum up the track themselves by describing it as ‘modern electronic alternative, like a mix of Arcade Fire and The Weekend’, but there’s a lot more to the song than that.

With a low key, almost downtempo feel gently infusing a mellow electro rock sound, the heartfelt vocals and positive lyrics all combine to create the sensation that the band are playing to you alone.

Imagine Coldplay or the aforementioned Arcade Fire stripped of their pointless bombast, replacing it with intimate and intricate melodies and a human core, then you’re on the way to understanding the unique magic of In Darkness We Feel Our Way.

In Darkness We Feel Our Way is out now, can be streamed on Spotify and other digital outlets. The band are currently applying the finishing touches to the new album, but will be touring in April and you can find out more about the live dates and more on their official website.

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