Manchester-raised duo Demons of Ruby Mae are already on to their second single of 2018 with Synesthesia, and it’s certainly a musical departure from what most of us expect from them and indeed bands hailing from the Cottonopolis. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

The track takes the duo in a darker direction when compared to their previous single To Be Adored, banks of synths piling up the tension, the pitch-shifted vocals giving it a wistful yet otherworldly feel.

The reflective lyrics talk of searching for a saviour, with a sense of yearning that is intensified by tender piano and a guitar solo that feels like it is echoing some half-remembered heartache.

Encompassing all that however is an upbeat rhythm and a snappy percussion that makes Synesthesia a form of sadness you can dance to.

The track is out now, including streaming on Spotify and you can find out more the single on the band’s Facebook page. The band will be touring this coming October too; including a home town gig and Night & Day Cafe on 6th October.