New Music: Diamond Incarnation – Become A Wave

  • New Music: Diamond Incarnation - Become A Wave

Diamond Incarnation is the 60s-meets-dreampop solo musical project of Austrian Daniele Bovio. With a fey vocal simplicity merging with intricate arrangement, Become A Wave is pure aural candy.

There’s a tonal debt to bands like Jefferson Airplane and Empire of the Sun here, sun-bleached psychedelic rock filtered through layers of synthpop-inspired electronica and a driving indie rock sensibility.

That may sound like a lot of influences to pour in to one song, but there’s a real light and airy flow to Become A Wave that belies the dizzying array of influences and inspirations that contribute to a fresh but instantly familiar sound.

Become A Wave is from Diamond Incarnation’s Verdant Waves EP which is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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