New Music: Dicepeople – Multiplicity

  • New Music: Dicepeople - Multiplicity

Dicepeople have whetted peoples’ appetites for their current album One From Many by filming a video for the track Multiplicity – check it put below.

The track – and in fact the album – has moved on from their electronica roots and into a more dark electro sound.

Gothic, sombre and reflecting on a dystopic possible present where people live by the rules of The Diceman, the pulsating electronic and EBM-inspired beats give the track an air of barely controlled fear and on uncertainty.

Distorted synths, distressed guitars and a dense feel to the production add to the notion of some impending, unwanted but unavoidable change.

One From Many is out now via Syndicol Music and you can find out more about how to stream or download the track from stores including iTunes on the band’s Facebook page.

Photo by  Jovana Majic

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