New Music: Dino Mansik – Tämä tunne mistä tiedän onko totta

Tämä tunne mistä tiedän onko totta is the debut single from Finnish synth/dreampop act Dino Mansik. The duo, which comprises Mikko M. Koskinen and Johanna Koskimo both take up vocal duties on the song (which translates in to English as ‘This feeling how can I know it’s true?’), creating an other-worldly feeling of distance and womblike safety as their voices weave intricate patterns with every word and phrase.

The dreamlike reverie of the synths and melody is somewhat at odds with the more psychological and cerebral aspect of the lyrics. “It’s a song about that wonderful feeling which can fly you up high to the sky, and at the same time it can be quite scary ’cause you never know how you will land back on the ground”, Koskinen explains. The track captures that feeling of uncertain safety incredibly well, it’s warmth and slight sense of foreboding pervading every note.

Tämä tunne mistä tiedän onko totta is out now, streaming on Spotify as well as on YouTube – check out the band’s website for more information.

Photo by Solveig Jelena Candolin

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