Stockholm-based Discrete honed his electropop sound during a decade of music production experience. Since striking out on his own, he’s garnered millions of streams for his first three singles, and new single Typo – a collaboration with Chile’s Sistek – is sure to add to that total.

A very clever lyrical concept (I won’t spoil it by telling you!) is just one of the bright spots in this perfectly tuned slice of emotive pop. The vocals of Tudor and Voss dance around each other and intertwine with the ease of a couple who have known in each other years, playing off the rhythm and flow of familiarity. EDM forms the basis of the hooks and arrangement, but the production duo of Discrete and Sistek apply a softer, more indie-pop sensibility to the song. Likely to be equally at home in indie and dance clubs, the song is a rare but welcome fusion.

On how Typo surfaced, Sistek reflects, “Maybe the all-nighter induced Tudor and me to dig into emotions that we might otherwise not have explored. When I brought the song to Sweden, Discrete and Victoria sustained that momentum. We barely had time to think. We just rode our instincts all the way to the finish.”

Discrete remembers, “I met Sistek in early 2019 and invited him to collaborate with me at my studio. I heard the potential in “Typo” already the first time he played it for me. I asked Victoria Voss if she wanted to take this song to the next step, and within a day we had finished the song. Sistek and I polished the production soon thereafter.”

Typo is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms including Spotify. Why not throw him a follow over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more details on how to listen to the track, as well as the upcoming Explore EP, which will feature Typo? You can also catch up with Sistek on Facebook, Twitter,  and Instagram.