With their Clara Luz EP, which was co-produced by Jon Nuñez of Torche, due for release on the 21st of February, American quintet Draag has dropped the sublime Ghost Leak to whet our appetites. It left us thirsting for more, however!

If you’re a fan of acts such as Sonic Youth, Boards of Canada and My Bloody Valentine then you’ll find Ghost Leak very much to your liking. There’s a hazy reverie flowing through the track as if you’re sailing on a slow-moving river on a humid, unhurried day. The vocals float, gossamer-light, over an arrangement that weaves a dreamlike tapestry, but there are occasional hints of danger present, sonically and in the lyrics, to stop you from drifting into oblivion.

For the band, Ghost Leak is: “The feeling of being completely invisible and inconsequential.”, but they add it is also “A message to someone we lost — to let them know they weren’t invisible.”

Ghost Leak is out now: you can stream it on Spotify, or download it via Bandcamp. To find out more about the song, the upcoming Clara Luz EP, live dates and more, check out their social media including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.