We last caught up with Doc Egg (guitar and vocals), TKO (bass and vocals), and Scrambles (drums and vocals, aka Drama Dolls when we covered the raucous sounds of Favorite Girl. Well, they’re back with a high-octane belter of a song, Sometimes You Gotta Be A Bitch.

They say that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ which is undoubtedly the case here. Once again, that Misfits meets early Go-Go’s sound is present and correct, and very enjoyable. X and Minor Threat also come to mind, as the song goes full throttle right from the intro, the vocals and lyrics taking on board a proud and punky feminist aesthetic.

Drama Dolls’ Sometimes You Gotta Be A Bitch is out now on Apple Music and Spotify; check the band’s socials on Facebook and Instagram to find more listening options for the song.