Australians Du Tonc are celebrating the completion of their new album by dropping High; the first  new track in a year, which features backing vocals by Jenny McCullagh from I Know Leopard. The duo of Matthew Haymes and Matt Van Schie actually met in Paris, which might explain the Phoenix / Air sheen to High, though it is very much its own musical master.

An opening mellow arpeggio gives way to sweeping synths and chilled beats, with a vocal duet that adds to the overall sensation of an oddly comforting sadness. The occasional retro sound gives the track a sense of familiarity and immediacy without making High feel cliched or backward looking.

As regards to the song and their upcoming debut album the duo wrote: “We’ve just finished writing the album, it’s taken a while, but we don’t like to rush. We agreed we’d never release anything we both don’t love. I guess you could say we are picky about what we release, but that means we only release music that comes from the heart. High definitely comes from the heart”.

High is out now, you can get more information and streaming and downloading the track via this link or their official website, which also has details about their social media outlets.