New Music: Ease – Teaching Crimes

  • New Music: Ease - Teaching Crimes

Ease is Siri Jennefelt and Niclas Lindgren, a Stockholm duo that take a refreshingly direct, almost dancefloor-oriented take on the darker end of electro and darkwave. Check out Teaching Crimes to find out what we mean.

A beautiful bleakness pervades the arrangement and haunting arpeggios drive the song along at a brisk pace, yet tonally it feels isolative and funeral at times. With hints of Youth Code and Pastel Ghost in the mix, it creates and odd, claustrophobic energy, as if gasping for air in the heat of an endless night.

As the vocals add to that sense of dislocation and discomfort they also imbue Teaching Crimes with a layer of humanity, leaving the listener feeling that there is hope still for what lies within, even when the mind and soul are lost to some larger whole.

Teaching Crimes is out now and can be streamed on Spotify.

Photo by Henrik Söderström

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