New Music: E^ST – I Don’t Lack Imagination

  • New Music: E^ST -  I Don't Lack Imagination

With her fiery, confident and feminist take on 80s RNB, E^ST is no one’s fool in life or in music, especially if her new single on Fuelled By Ramen, I Don’t Lack Imagination, is anything to go by.

The Australian takes RNB and twists its standard lyrical fare into something edgy and fresh. Upfront and honest, accepting and exploring the differences between the fantasy and reality of love, and how we negotiate between the two; the track unwinds in a slow and steady style, occasionally glitchy and garrulous, but always possessing and innate aura of confidence and devilishly witty lyricism.

E^ST spoke about the thought process that led to I Don’t Lack Imagination: “This song is about building up an idea of someone in your mind, but then when you actually get to hang with them and get to know them you realize they’re pretty lame and nowhere near as cool as you preconceived them to be. An ode to all the bad first dates we suffer through.”

I Don’t Lack Imagination can be streamed and downloaded now, click on this link for more details. You can catch up with E^ST on her official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.    


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