The Blanck Mass Sessions is released 3rd May 2019 (there’s a Record Store Day tie-in and the album is already on pre-order) and it promises to be something special. To get us in the mood, Editors have released this masterpiece in melancholy – check out the video for Barricades below.

Inspired by the Violence album sessions the band recorded with Blanck Mass (Benjamin John Power), it retains the heartfelt vocal delivery and lyrical mastery we expect from Tom Smith, but Power has added his own magic to the track.

The only new track on the album, it feels like the perfect synergy of both acts’ presence and music. There’s that wonderful downbeat anthem vibe we associate with Editors, designed to get you singing along as well as maybe crying – in joy or sadness. The icy electro elements of the arrangement are tempered with a soft and open-armed air, with broad swashes of synths balancing revealing emotion with an air of rhythmic sobriety.

Singer Tom Smith has this to say about the album: “When we initially approached Ben to work with us on Violence we gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted. It seemed stupid to try to instil any boundaries or direction to him as he has such a singular, authored sound to everything he puts his hand to… so we left him to it. The results of that process being this release. A very visceral version of our album.”

For more information on the album and upcoming dates, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  Violence The Blanck Mass Sessions will be released on limited edition colour vinyl on Record Store Day on 13th April with general release on 3rd May via Play It Again Sam. The track is also available to stream on Spotify.